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Over time, a small number of degrees are awarded ex post facto (e.g. a student files the final paperwork in 2016 documenting that they completed degree requirements in 2014-15, so the degree is granted with a completion date reflecting when the requirements were completed, not when the paperwork was finished). As a result, annual totals tend to creep up slightly between reporting dates and the numbers reported here may differ from what is reported elsewhere or in previous versions of this report.

Students can (and do) graduate from more than one college, so the sum of college counts is greater than the total number of degrees for the unversity.

Student Provenance indicates where the student came from when they first enrolled at GVSU at the given level (undergraduate or graduate). "FTIAC" stands for "first time in any college", and refers to students whose only prior college experience was either before high school graduation or in the summer immediately between high school and college.

A Specialist degree typically requires about 30 semester hours beyond the Masters degree. GVSU offers specialist degrees in Leadership (education) and School Psychology. GSVU offers practice-oriented doctoral degrees in Physical Therapy and Nursing Practice.