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About this report:

County of origin is the county in which the student lived when they first applied to GVSU for admission.

"FTIAC" stands for "first time in any college", and refers to students whose only prior college experience was either before high school graduation or in the summer immediately between high school and college. "Graduate - GVSU Alum" means a current GVSU graduate student who was ever enrolled at GVSU as an undergraduate, whether or not she/he earned a GVSU bachelor's degree.

An asterisk in the table represents that the data has been suppressed to protect student confidentiality.

The federal reporting standard for race and ethnicity separates non-resident international students into their own category, regardless of race or ethnic background. As a result, this map and table do not show the particular racial/ethnic backgrounds of international students. For details, see US Dept of Ed Guidance on Collecting, Maintaining and Reporting Data by Race or Ethnicity.

Students may enroll simultaneously in more than one GVSU college. Optional college selections use duplicative counts, so that each student is counted once in each college in which they're enrolled, and once in the university total. As a result, the sum of the college totals is greater than the actual university total.

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