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About this report:

** Prior to Spring/Summer 2020, the Pew Campus in Grand Rapids included locations later divided into the Pew and Health Campuses.**

Admission to GVSU entitles a student to attend classes at any course location, and many students register at more than one location in a single semester.

Courses with any scheduled in-person meetings are counted at the location where those meetings occur. So, although online course sections are treated as a separate "location", hybrid course sections are counted at the location of their meetings.

"Annual unduplicated" means that students are counted once per academic year per location. There may, however, be duplication across years or categories. In other words, counts are unduplicated within cells, but not necessarily across them.

Reporting by "other sites attended" or "college of major" is duplicative, e.g.

  • A student who took a class in Allendale, an online class, and a class at Pew Campus in a single semester would be counted in [Allendale + Online], [Allendale + Pew], and [Online and Pew] (depending which location was selected in the "Choose a location" dropdown).
  • A student majoring in Special Education and Comprehensive Science and Arts for Teaching would be counted in both College of Education and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in any location they attended.
As a consequence, the sum of the counts may be greater than the actual number of students enrolled at the location. Similarly, the "% of students" values in the chart tooltip and table are computed correctly based on the true (unduplicated) denominator, and thus the sum of the percentages may be greater than 100%.

"Student Level" and "College of Major" refer to characteristics of students, and may be unrelated to the level and college of the course(s) they took at a given location.

Race/Ethnicity categories shown are defined by the reporting standard used by the US Federal government. For details, see US Dept of Ed Guidance on Collecting, Maintaining and Reporting Data by Race or Ethnicity.

"First Generation College Student" includes all GVSU students who responded "Neither" to the question "Have either of your parents graduated from a four-year college?"

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