FTIAC Profile Supplement - Responses to SAT Questionnaire

This report shows data from GVSU FTIACs' responses to the SAT Questionnaire, completed at the time of SAT testing (typically during high school). Response data are only available for % of the year's degree-seeking FTIACs, and those with data are not necessarily similar to those without.

Additional Notes

Percentages (when shown) are computed by column. For example, percentage values in the "Total" column indicate the percentage of all respondents who gave a particular response, while values in a column headed "Female" show the percentage of female respondents who gave the response. Cells in a column may not sum to 100% for either of two reasons:

  1. If values are mutually exclusive (i.e. each respondent can choose no more than one answer), the sum may come to less than 100% due to students who completed the questionnaire but did not provide a response to that particular item.
  2. Some grouped items are not intended to be mutually exclusive-- for example, respondents may indicate up to ten of the activities listed under "HS Activities". The following questionnaire groups comprise categories that are not mutually exclusive:
    • Latin Am. Heritage
    • Art/Music Experience
    • HS Activities
    • HS Sports
    • Desired College Type
    • Desired College Affiliation
    • Desired College Size
    • Desired College Setting
    • Desired College Location
    • Desired College Gender Balance
    • Desired College Housing
    In addition, GVSU College (a column variable) is also duplicative, since individual students may have majors in more than one college. Duplication by college does not affect percentages, however.

Characteristics of high schools (the last 11 questionnaire items listed) are provided by the College Board, based on the current school identified by the respondent. Data for all other items reflect student self-report at the time of SAT testing. Neither the accuracy of those reports, nor their continued applicability to students in their first year of college can be verified.

Note that five "High School Activities" are ostensibly reported in the questionnaire data but are not indicated on any GVSU FTIAC's response record:

  • Art
  • Computer
  • Music: Instrumental
  • Music: Vocal
  • Part-time Job

This surely doesn't correctly reflect our students' experience, and it's doubtful that it even correctly reflects their responses to the questionnaire. Nonetheless data are reported here as provided by College Board