Grand Valley State University Graduation Rates by Major

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Notes This document reports graduation rates by major for undergraduate degree-seeking FTIAC (first-time in any college) students at GVSU. The major listed is the declared major in the student's first semester at GVSU. Counts are duplicative by major. Students with more than one major are counted in each of their majors. Graduation rates are cumulative. If a student graduated in 4 years, they are also counted in the 5-year and 6-year rate. For majors with a small number of students ("N" value), please bear in mind that the graduation rates are volatile and should be interpreted carefully. "In Major" graduation rates are those students who graduated with the major they declared their first semester as a FTIAC. "In College" rates include those students who graduated in major as well as those students who changed major but stayed within the college.