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About the data:

The GVSU Survey of Graduates collects information from graduating students about their satisfaction with various GVSU services and experiences.

Prior to 2013: From 1988 to 2012, the survey was conducted in even-numbered years, and was limited to April/May graduates. Paper surveys were distributed and returned via U.S. Mail. The survey questions were mostly consistent from year to year, but some additions and changes did occur. The questions have been substantively unchanged from 2008 to 2016, except that the question about level of academic challenge was not added until 2010. Surveys were anonymous, so information on college and level is based on respondents' self-report.

Since 2013: Beginning in April 2013, the survey has been conducted electronically near the end of each winter and fall semester. Questions are randomized to reduce burden on participants -- each respondent answers 5 randomly selected questions, plus all respondents are given the "overall rating" and "academic challenge" items. Students submit their G-numbers with their responses, so data on level and college are taken from GVSU records.

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