GVSU Enrollment by Location

Student Level
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Admission to GVSU entitles a student to attend classes at any course location, and many students register at more than one location in a single semester.

Courses with any scheduled in-person meetings are counted at the location where those meetings occur. So, although online course sections are treated as a separate "location", hybrid course sections are counted at the location of their meetings.

"Annual unduplicated" means that students are counted once per academic year per location.

Reporting by "other sites attended" or "college of major" is duplicative, e.g.

As a consequence, the sum of the counts may be greater than the actual number of students enrolled at the location. However, the "% of students" values in the chart tooltip is computed correctly based on the true (unduplicated) denominator.

"Student Level" and "College of Major" refer to characteristics of students, and may be unrelated to the level and college of the course(s) they took at a given location.