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Enrollment Change for GVSU Undergraduate Majors: to

About this report

The report tracks the movement of students into and out of GVSU undergraduate programs between the fall and fall semesters. It consists of a summary table showing basic data for all programs and detailed reports for each program. To switch from the summary table to the detailed report, either choose a program from the dropdown list at the top of the page or click on a program name in the summary table. To return to the summary table, choose "Table - All Programs" from the dropdown list at the top of the page.

The summary table

For each major that had enrollees on the census date of either fall or fall , the table shows the number enrolled in each of those semesters, the one-year change, the retention rate within the program, and the number of new students by their origin type. To be counted as retained, students need to have been enrolled in the major in fall and either (a) be enrolled in the major in fall , or (b) have earned a bachelor's degree in the major by September .

The detail report

Each individual program's report has 5 parts:

* Majors are tabulated for students who were previously/subsequently enrolled at GVSU. Institutions are tabulated if the student didn't have another GVSU major before/after the major of interest.
Each list can be truncated to 5 entries to conserve space, or expanded to include all data. The truncated version is not a true "top 5" list, since it may exclude entries that have the same number of ocurrences as some of those that do appear.


Census Date -- Official fall enrollment counts are made at the end of the "drop/add" period for the semester. This occurs at the end of the first week of classes.

Change of Major -- For the purpose of this report, a change means a student either began or ceased to be enrolled in the particular program of interest. Because students can pursue more than one major at a time, changes are frequently not the "one-for-one" swaps that they appear to be here. For simplicity, any student who is not enrolled in the program of interest at a particular time is counted in the current major that is listed first on his/her record. For example, consider a student who was enrolled in majors A & B in fall and B & C in fall . In the report for major B, she would be counted as retained. In the major A report, she'd be counted under "Left Major", and major B would appear in the "departing students went to..." list (even though she was in B all along). In the report for major C, she'll be counted under "Changed/Added major", and major A will appear in the "new students came from..." list.
Note also that students who change major then drop out, transfer out, or graduate (in the new major) are counted under "Left major".

Transferred Out -- For students who leave GVSU, we get information from the National Student Clearinghouse about subsequent higher education enrollments. If the student was enrolled at any other institution during the time span covered by the GVSU fall semester, that student is counted under "Tranferred Out" and the institution is listed in the "departing students went to..." list. If the student enrolled at more than one institution, the one whose enrollment period started first is listed. The Clearinghouse data is believed to include about 96% of US higher education enrollments. To the extent that GVSU students leave to attend schools that don't report to the Clearinghouse, these "Transferred Out" numbers may be under-reported and the "Dropped Out/Stopped Out" figures could be inflated.