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This web tool delivers reports of GVSU course offerings from Fall 1992 through the pending academic year. Courses are only reported if they either (a) had at least one enrollee at the census date, or (b) have not yet had a census date.

To ease the burden on our web server and your web browser, you MUST select a subset of courses by typing all or part of a course ID to be matched. Matching is case-insensitive and two types of wildcard characters are allowed:

Please note that the number portion of a course ID begins in the 5th character of the course ID, even when the prefix (the alphabetic part) only has 2 characters. Thus entering "PA 3" (with one space) results in an empty report, but "PA  3" (with 2 spaces) gets you all 300-level Public Administration sections.

You may choose to display section-level detail (default) or summaries where multi-section courses are consolidated:

Section Reports include...
  • Section ID Number
  • Semester Offered
  • Instruction Type
  • Instructor
  • Meeting Place and Time*
  • Enrollment
  • Seats
  • Room Capacity*
  • Data Capture Date
Course Summaries include...
  • Course ID Number
  • Semester Offered
  • Number of Credit-Bearing Sections
  • Number of Zero-Credit Sections
  • Total Enrollment (Credit-bearing sections)
  • Total Seats (Credit-Bearing sections)
  • Average Enrollment (Credit-bearing sections)
  • Median Enrollment (Credit-Bearing sections)
  • Data Capture Date

* - Scheduling details are simplified by including only the 1st of up to 6 meeting times/locations per section. A column labeled "Add'l Mtgs" indicates whether (and how many) additional times and or locations were indicated for the course section. Room capacities shown pertain only to the first location listed for each course section.

The column labeled "Seats" is the maximum course capacity designated by the academic unit, and may be different from the room capacity. Data capture date is listed as "Census" for semesters for which census data exist. For upcoming and recently-begun terms, data are captured and posted weekly on Monday mornings, and the date of that capture is listed.

Output should open in MSExcel or your Browser's MSExcel plug-in.